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Overview of CSM Exam

Overview of CSM Exam

One of the most well-known and well-accepted qualifications provided by the reputable Scrum Alliance is Certified Scrum Master Certification.  Professionals who have completed CSM training and demonstrated their knowledge of Scrum terminology, practices, and concepts in the CSM exam are eligible for this sought certificate. 

CSM gives professionals who want to establish a solid foundation in scrum and agile development better and more work options. Product owners, software architects, developers, testers, coders, and project managers from all sectors want to earn this CSM certification.

A candidate’s comprehension of the activities, outcomes, and tasks of a scrum master is evaluated in part by their CSM certification. Professionals with CSM certification will be in a better position to interact with their Agile practitioner’s team. 

Candidates who are skilled in these areas will be able to successfully demonstrate their fundamental Scrum knowledge in their day-to-day work because the CSM exam questions are structured in this way.

Exam Fee for CSM

The cost of the certified scrum master exam varies per nation. In India, the CSM exam costs between 24,000 and 26,000 rupees. This includes coach-certified training. The candidate will receive a link to the test after completing the training.

CSM Exam Retake Fee

If you don’t pass the test the first time, you can take it again. There is no additional exam cost charged for the second try. An extra price of USD 25 is charged for the third and subsequent tries.

CSM Exam Format

The test has a fairly straightforward format and must be finished within 60 minutes of the start time. 50 questions will make up the CSM exam, with a passing mark of 74%. 

A maximum of two CSM Exam attempts may be made within 90 days. There is an option to retake the exam for an additional fee if one does not qualify even after the second attempt.

Achieving CSM Certification

A candidate will be taken to the CSM Licence Agreement page after passing the CSM Certification Online exam. One must maintain their Scrum Educational Credits during the certificate’s two-year validity period.

CSM Certification Renewal

Only 24 months are allowed for the CSM certification to be used once it has been granted. After that, to renew the certification, one must log in using their original credentials and pay an administrative fee.

Steps Involved In Certification

Step 1: Find the Scrum Alliance, a trustworthy, well-known organisation.

Step 2: Enrol in the program and go to the required two-day Scrum Trainer training session. Learn the basics of Scrum, including its jargon, practices, and principles.

Step 3: Finish the final exam in class. Only once you have finished the training program can you take the test. There are normally 35 multiple-choice questions on the exam. 

To pass the test, the candidate must provide at least 24 truthful responses. At any time during the exam, candidates may halt, take a break, and resume the test. The inspection would typically last one hour.

After selecting your responses, click the submit button to finish the exam. The candidate can see their score on the computer screen.

Step 4: You have 60 days from finishing your CSM course to retake the CSM training exam if you fail it the first time. You have the option of taking the test again immediately. 

However, if you fail the exam a second time, Scrum Alliance will charge you a $25 exam fee. The Scrum Alliance advises re-enrolling in the CSM course if you do not pass on your third attempt.

Step 5: If you succeed, proceed to the Scrum certification exam by following the steps below:

Register with Scrum Alliance and finish the online survey.

To submit the form, check the box next to “Agree to the terms and conditions.”

To print the certificate, download it.

A candidate who passes the test needs to acknowledge the license agreement and finish the Scrum Alliance membership profile. The Scrum Alliance now recognizes you as a Certified Scrum Master and a member.

Examining Procedures

  • One hour is allotted for the open-book exam.
  • After the session, the first attempt must be completed within 14 days.
  • There will be 50 multiple-choice questions on the test (MCQs)
  • You must obtain at least 74% to pass the CSM test (37 out of 50)
  • You need to have a laptop with an internet connection to take the exam.
  • Within 90 days following the workshop, you must reapply if you are unsuccessful the first time.

eligibility requirement for the csm exam

What qualifications are needed to take the CSM exam?

The CSM certification has no prerequisites that must be met to qualify. Having experience with Scrum offers one an advantage in the test. However, this qualification has helped many software engineers, testers, delivery managers, IT managers, and project managers advance their careers. 

Today, non-IT industries like operations and marketing are considering incorporating Scrum into their working procedures. People from diverse backgrounds and domains are urged to pursue the certification in such a scenario.

Benefits of CSM certification

The Agile methodology is becoming more and more popular, and obtaining a CSM accreditation could help you stand out from the crowd. These credentials show that you’re a capable leader who has expertise well beyond what the average project manager would.

One of the major benefits of becoming a certified Scrum Master is being able to show that you have the potential that companies look for in their Scrum Masters. Scrum Masters are in more demand as there is a requirement on every team for a committed player who can oversee and complete a variety of Agile projects.

Learn Scrum and use it well

Whether you are a professional who has utilized Scrum in the past or a novice to Scrum, obtaining a certification can help you overcome obstacles. It’s an added benefit to managing large teams across numerous departments on the same platform.

Increasing collaboration and teamwork

As a Certified Scrum Master, you may encourage and direct your team members. You’ll lead the group and ensure effective communication. Your team members will see through your Certified Scrum Master certification that you have the skills necessary to successfully lead an agile team.

Furthermore, it serves as a differentiator, showing potential employers that you have an edge over your rivals. Only that certification may be able to tip the scales in your favor.

Boost Your Employment Opportunities

The more job opportunities you have, the better. Become a Certified Scrum Master. Your earning potential will grow in comparison to competitors who are not certified because this certification will increase your marketability and competitiveness in your sector.

Additionally, it gives you the resources you need to enable organisational change and accomplish business goals. Your organisation will benefit from your quick thinking, as is demonstrated here.

tips for taking the scrum master certification exam

Tips to study for CSM exam

Examine the Scrum official course materials.

Every question on the CSM exam will be based on material from the Scrum handbook, which is the official manual issued by the Scrum Alliance. The Scrum Alliance learning objective is now at this most recent iteration. The learning objectives are included in the exam. 

To cover the topics of CSM, there are numerous reference books and course materials available, but you must first consult the official one before moving on to the others. Although other websites and blogs offer the necessary details regarding the CSM principles, you must always choose the official guide.

Take practice exams

You can evaluate how well you understand the CSM exam by taking practice exams. Since a score of 100 percent on a mock test is equal to a passing grade on the CSM real-time exam, you will need to take as many of them as necessary until you achieve that goal. 

There are many mock exams available online, some of which are free, and many study aids include simulated tests as part of the package. Keep track of the questions about which you lacked confidence so that you can continue to write them down.

Keep in mind every Scrum event.

The four Scrum events are Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective. A detailed examination of these occasions must be part of the CSM exam preparation process.

The test will go in-depth on each of these concepts. The most important of these is the Daily Scrum, which covers daily happenings and usually takes place.

The team values this occasion more than many others. Based on the subjects covered in its core handbook, Scrum believes that these events are of the utmost importance.

Developing mind maps

To help readers connect the concepts and ideas of what Scrum is, mind maps are frequently made. The mind maps will connect concepts studied in the CSM course with components of daily life.

Long-term memory retention is improved by using this technique. It is the reader’s responsibility to draw links between the concepts and details that he is certain will stay in his memory for a long time.

It has been shown that using mind maps improves the brain’s ability to store long-term information. Mind maps are frequently already featured in textbooks.


It won’t be too difficult to pass the CSM ScrumMaster exam, but you will need to prepare properly. You must be well-versed in both the agile procedures and the scrum roles and rules. You will be able to comprehend your organization’s project management requirements if you hold a CSM ScrumMaster qualification. 

You will be able to support the Scrum team’s performance at its peak inside the firm if you hold the CSM ScrumMaster certification. Additionally, you are in charge of shielding your group from internal and external distractions. 

You will be in charge of the team’s roles, activities, and deliverables that will support the development and achievement of your team’s milestones.


The role of the scrum master is non-technical. They are the Scrum masters, as the name implies; they are well familiar with the framework, values, and principles and make sure that their team (the Product Owner and Developers) adheres to them as well. They are in charge of ensuring that their team is effectively using Scrum.

Product owner, scrum master, and members of the development team are the three roles in Scrum. The three scrum roles outline the main duties of each member of the scrum team. They’re not titles for jobs. This implies that any job title, including the one you currently have, can carry out one of the duties.

A skilled Scrum master with further training and more advanced knowledge is essentially what an agile coach is. A Scrum master concentrates on and leads a single team, whereas an Agile coach strives to improve agility across the entire organization.

A career as a scrum master will give you access to numerous lucrative companies, fields, and sectors. You can advance to new positions like Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Project Managers, Mentors, and Chief Information Officers by gaining additional skills (CIO).

Although there are no formal academic requirements for the role of Scrum Master, having a bachelor’s degree can help you find employment in a number of fields. Management, business, psychology, computer science, or any other particular industry that aids in laying a solid foundation are among the essential coursework options.

An effective Scrum Master is a servant leader who exemplifies lean-agile leadership and supports the team’s development toward goals and their fullest potential. They act as facilitators, ensuring that team members produce work on time and meet project deadlines.

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