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Recently, I participated in a CSM Certification training with Gaurav at Universal Agile, and I was really pleased with the caliber of the materials and instructional method. The course had clear and concise explanations of the content and was well-organized and simple to follow. Gaurav is highly informed and has the gift of explaining difficult problems in a simple way. With a lot of practical exercises and real-world examples, the course was extremely dynamic and captivating. Overall, if you're searching for a top-notch educational experience, I heartily recommend Universal Agile. Thanks Gaurav.


The session by Gaurav was very informative and presented very well. Gaurav was very interactive and the live examples relating to the topic was, very effective.


Loved the training! it was informative and Gaurav is an amazing mentor and a teacher! Loved every second of it!


CSM course by Gaurav Sir was mind blowing. He explained the concepts of scrum and agile very clearly by making the entire course itself a scrum. He uses variety of examples, videos, quiz sessions, breakout rooms to make the 2 day learning interesting and a fun filled experience.


A must learn course if you are practicing Scrum in your organization so you know what the TRUTH is. The Coach, Mr Gaurav Rastogi runs the show and is brilliant in delivering the content and sets the mind on fire


Gaurav Rastogi Sir is the Best Scrum Trainer in the World.


Excellent training, the flow was very smooth and each topic was explained in detail.


The session was interactive, informative, and beautifully explained with life based examples. Gaurav Rastogi sir, thank you for making it so simple to understand. I would definitely recommend your name.


Gaurav Rastogi is a wonderfully engaging trainer & presenter, very easy to listen to and the course was just the right mix of theory, practical demonstration, and anecdotes. I will take away lots of things that I can quickly and easily apply. -- thank you!


Gaurav is an amazing coach who through his excellent interpersonal skills made the learning a very fun filled and insightful experience. Structuring the lesson content to be equivalent to that of sprint planning, timely usage of burnout charts, very inspiring and relatable real-life examples was an added advantage on Respond the session. The validations criteria used for each topic along with scenario based learning helped to grasp the contents more meaningfully.

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