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CSM Training In Ahmedabad

Scrum Master training and certification in Ahmedabad enhance you as it gives benefit to you when contrasted with your associates who don’t hold the Scrum Master Certification. It is the certification that opens up plenty of job opportunities and career development opportunities for you in the product business. On the off chance that you’re searching for a job in the project board, the Scrum Master Training can shorten the long excursion to your truly amazing line of work.

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*Please note that the prices mentioned are for the participants from India only, not for NRIs.*

Scrum Certification Course Overview

This CSM certification preparation in Ahmedabad gives you an exact comprehension of terms, philosophies, and events that one should know about, to securely hold together the Scrum system. This course upskills professionals on how to get Scrum teams to function at their most elevated proficiency levels and draws in with other scrum specialists to ensure continuous improvement.

Key Features of CSM Certification

  1. Days Classroom Training and Certification.
  2. Scrum Alliance exam fee included
  3. Practical Knowledge with Role plays, Case studies & Simulations.
  4. Training by 20+ years experienced Scrum Alliance’s CST®
  5. 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance.
  6. Create a Scrum workflow aligned with your day-to-day work.
  7. Create Artifacts to learn how to lead the team.
  8. 16 SEUs and 16 PDUs

Why CSM Certification in Ahmedabad?

The CSM certification course in Ahmedabad is meant to give you a better understanding of Scrum and its execution practices. It helps you turn into a Certified Scrum Master which is a designation offered by the Scrum Alliance. As described by the Scrum Alliance, a Certified ScrumMaster is somebody who has been taught (by a Certified Scrum Trainer) the Scrum phrasings, practices, and rules that will empower them to satisfy the job of Scrum Master or Scrum colleague.

This CSM certification training in Ahmedabad gives you an exact understanding of terms, philosophies, and events that one should know about, to securely hold together the Scrum system. This course upskills professionals on how to get Scrum teams to function at their most elevated proficiency levels and draws in with other scrum specialists to ensure continuous improvement.

Eligibility of Scrum Master Certification

There is no prerequisite required to attain this Scrum Master Certification course. The course can be taken by freshers or professionals who want to:
  • Proceed their career in project management frame-work.
  • Strengthen themselves by making in-depth knowledge and understanding of Scrum frame-work.

CSM Certification Curriculum

We focus on practicalities and concepts clarity along with covering the agenda below:

  1. Lean, Agile, Scrum

  • Values, Principles, and correlation with Agile Manifesto
  • Scrum Theory: Scrum Applicability, Empirical Process
  • Scrum Values

  1. Scrum: Accountabilities

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Developer

  1. Scrum Events

  • Sprint (Container event)
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective

  1. Scrum Artifacts

  • Product Backlog
    • Product Goal
  • Sprint Backlog
    • Print Goal
  • Increment
    • Definition of Done

  1. Scrum Master Services

  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Services to Scrum Team
  • Services to Product Owner
  • Services to Organization

Benefit Of Becoming A Scrum Master

  • It gives an opportunity to upgrade in the current job or helps in improving the job.
  • After the Scrum Master Training, you can effectively pass the Scrum Master Certification which adds professional approval to the abilities and encounters acquired by working in agile groups.
  • It goes about as a professional gateway to a daily existence brimming with opportunities in Agile technique.
  • Scrum Master training gives you all the important information and assets that are needed to be an effective Scrum Master.
  • It trains you for the real-life challenges and issues that you’ll face as a Scrum Master.

CSM Certification & Examination

Scrum Master, Scrum Master Certification, Professional Scrum Certification
Who is eligible for the Certified Scrum Master in Ahmedabad course?
There are no eligibility criteria for the CSM training in Ahmedabad. Anyone looking to upgrade their management career can join this program which will help them become a Certified Scrum Master in Ahmedabad.
How do I become a Certified Scrum Master Ahmedabad?
  • Achieve 85% of the Certified Scrum Master in Ahmedabad course.
  • Attend one complete batch of the CSM training in the Ahmedabad course.
  • Successfully finish one simulation test with a score of at least 60%.
How well is CSM renowned?
The CSM qualification is viewed as among the universe’s best Scrum Master certifications. Presented by the Scrum Alliance, an association devoted to advancing nimble through training, schooling, and exploration, the CSM course, and certification imbibes in the professional the must-have abilities that are expected to prevail as a scrum master
Does a CSM Course teach me or just validate my skills?
The Scrum Alliance needed a change point between the two certifications that approved abilities as an Advanced Scrum Master while giving the important abilities, tools, and knowledge that would allow a Scrum Master to progress to a higher level in their profession.
How long is the Certified Scrum Master Certification in Ahmedabad valid?
The validity of Certified Scrum Master Certification is for two years.
If I fail the CSM exam, how soon can I re-attempt the exam?
If you are unable to clear the CSM exam on your first attempt, you can still attempt it immediately at no cost.
Is the CSM Course theoretical or practical?
The CSM course includes essential theoretical knowledge and ideas that will assist you in a better understanding of how Agile began and why it has become such an amazing approach for building and making new products.
How do I apply for CSM re-examination?
For re-appearing in the CSM exam, you will immediately be live and ready in your Scrum Alliance account.
I have passed the CSM certification. When and how will I get my certificate?
After successfully clearing the CSM certification exam by diligently completing your CSM training in the Ahmedabad course you will get your CSM certificate within 5 working days of passing the exam.
Do you provide any practice tests as part of this Certified Scrum Master in Ahmedabad course?
Of course, we provide multiple practice tests as part of our CSM course curriculum in Ahmedabad which will efficiently help in clearing the exam. You can go through the free CSM practice test and can visualize the idea of the test.

What Professional Say About Us

Nick Porwal

Very professional and elaborate courses available for the Agile. I was able to pass the exam after attending the sessions. Each and every concepts were covered beautifully and in very easy to understand language. Real life examples were given throughout the sessions for every single concept. Highly recommended

Jatin Kanwar

Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value. Thoroughly professional in its conduct, fun in its approach and practical working knowledge based in its take aways. Strongly recommended for your certification preparation

Amit Kaul

The Quality, material, communication was all good. Enjoyed every moment of learning with the Trainer. Trainer was well knowledgeable and Professional in delivering the topics with examples. After the session, I feel more comfortable, energetic, confident in working as a Scrum Master . Thanks for all the learning throughout the course

Amit Agrawal

It was really great and helpful for me. The training helped me to improve my scrum understanding . It will definitely help me to improve the mistakes we are doing regularly in the scrum in our organization. Thank you so much Gaurav for the sharing the detailed information about the scrum

Let’s start our journey

It gives us a great honour and we consider it our privilege to be your guide on your Agile journey. The two days course of Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®) is the start of our relationship. Come, explore the world of Agile and start a journey of discovering your true potential.

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