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Certified Scrum Product Owner Training

Excel in product development, becoming an agile certified product owner

  • 16 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Online Sessions
  • 2 days of classroom training, coaching, and certification
  • Practical Training by Workshop, Role plays, Case studies & Simulations
  • Scrum Alliance exam fee included
  • Six Months Post-Class Career Guidance
  • 16 SEUs and 16 PDUs
  • 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance
  • Free access to several UniversalAgile resources for continuous learning
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*Please note that the prices mentioned are for the participants from India only, not for NRIs.*

What Is CSPO Certification?

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) is one of the most career-defining, globally valued certification courses; authorized by Scrum Alliance.

This course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of product owners; helps them polish their personality traits, skills, and technical proficiencies.

In this course, you will get a hands-on 2-day CSPO workshop, where you’ll learn how to maximize and maintain business value, satisfy stakeholders, maintain good communication between the team and key stakeholders, and maximize project ROI. 

Why Do CSPO Certification Training?

CSPO Certified professionals have endless opportunities in today’s industries. 90% of the modern teams revolve around Scrum, so the demand for the CSPO training certified project manager, agile coach, or technical program manager has seen a steep rise.

If you are working as an entry-level employee in these designations and looking for promotion opportunities, this CSPO training program is for you.

With a globally recognized CSPO certification, scaling up your skills and credibility in the product development sector will automatically give you a decent salary hike. 

Who Should Attend?

The course is appropriate for those; who deal with stakeholders, have an entrepreneurial mindset, are passionate about product development, and would like to develop innovative ideas for problem-solving.

Anyone who desires to successfully lead the teams with Scrum is welcome to join this course.

The course is advantageous for –
  1. Product Managers
  2. Project Managers
  3. Program Managers
  4. Release Managers
  5. Head of the Management teams
  1. Work in senior leadership roles, handling product development
  2. Business Analysts
  3. Product Owners
  4. Start-up founders
  5. Entrepreneurs

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What are the scrum alliance CSPO certification prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites to joining the CSPO certification training program. To get the certificate and flourish in your career as a CSPO Certified professional, you must complete all the class assignments and ensure your participation in all the exercises and training workshops.

What to Expect from CSPO Training?

From our CSPO courses and online live workshop program, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the Product Owner Roles. How to make a decision regarding product vision and create product goals. Expertise in agile product creation, and product distribution from the product owner’s eye.

In this CSPO online training course, you will learn how to:

  1. Establish a sensible organizational vision, effective project mission, and revenue goals.
  2. Handle multiple projects together with Scrum teams.
  3. Deliver products on time without compromising quality.
  4. Order the product backlog, and conduct backlog optimization after ensuring product delivery.
  5. Work with the business goals to maintain and enhance the brand value.
  6. Maximize the Return On Investment (ROI).

How CSPO Training benefits

Organizational Benefits

The presence of a certified product owner in the Agile team will maximize business values and early ROI by ensuring –

  1. The most effective product vision, mission, goals, and strategies for business expansion.
  2. Maximized brand values with high-quality product delivery on time
  3. Smooth communication between teams and stakeholders
  4. High-performance work environment inside the organization
  5. A strong relationship between the organization and customers

Individual Benefits

  1. Improves skills and technical proficiencies
  2. Expand your professional network across the global marketplace
  3. Expand career opportunities and higher earning potential.

Why Should You Do CSPO Training with UniversalAgile?

  1. Our course is specifically designed for busy professionals, so we keep it short, concise, and to the point.
  2. We use only browser-based tools, so you don’t have to download anything separately.
  3. We try to make the remote learning environment as interesting and interactive as possible.
  4. The morning and evening slots are convenient for busy professionals and foreign candidates; based in US and Canada.
  5. The best Certified Scrum Trainers lead our online live CSPO program.
  6. We also include a chat option to let you ask your questions from the experts during the session
  7. We offer CSPO virtual live sessions via a secure and password-protected webinar platform (Zoom).

Corporate Training Benefits

Gain more experience in leading difficult projects by following customer demands and strict deadlines.
Gain a distinct edge over your peers.
Get an opportunity to establish yourself in the global marketplace

How to Get CSPO Certification?

  • Register for the course; you choose directly from our website or by calling our learning advisor.
  • Follow the course requirements, such as ensuring participation in all the exercises and training workshops and completing all the class assignments.
  • Log in to SA Dashboard, accept the CSPO License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.
  • Once you accept the agreement and complete your membership profile, your CSPO certificate will be ready to download from the Scrum Alliance website.


What Is CSPO Designation?

As a CSPO-certified product owner, you’ll be responsible for delivering the high-value product; ensuring a maximized ROI of the organization by maintaining a good relationship between teams and stakeholders is the prior responsibility of the person; who works in the CSPO designation.

What Courses Do I Need To Become CSPO?

 A CSPO training program of 2-days, like we offer, is enough to become a certified scrum alliance product owner.

How Hard Is The CSPO Exam?

There is no test. You will receive the Scrum Alliance-approved CSPO Certificate upon completing the course.

How Much Does CSPO Course Cost?

The agile product owner certification course costs around $500 to $2000, but we have a special offer for you. You can get the product owner certification by spending only $***.

How Long Does CSPO Certification Last?

You have to renew your certificate every 2 years.

How to Renew CSPO Certification?

The Scrum Alliance will send you a reminder email 90 days before your certification expires. You have to meet the renewal requirements and pay the renewal fee to extend the credential for a further period of 2-years.

Which Is Better, CSM or CSPO?

It would be better to go through both courses to expand career opportunities and earning potential.

Scrum Master Certification Course Eligibility

No specific eligibility requirements for Scrum Master Certification Course and can be taken by freshers or professionals who want to attend:
  • Enhance their professional career in project management.
  •  Helps in deepening their understanding of Scrum.
Our experienced CSTs are proficient in delivering training for both novice and experienced professionals. On a cautionary note it is recommended that you need to have a basic understanding of Scrum.You can grasp the best training through 1-day Agile and Scrum foundation training by CSM.
Certified Scrum Master Course, Professional Scrum Certification

Who usually attend CSM Training

  • Software Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Analysts
  • Development team members
  • Testers
  • Freshers or Professionals Individual can look towards developing a robust career as a Scrum Master

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Good Learning


Its really Nice session, only the reflection is, it would be great to increase the workshop size, Instead of 2 days, it would have been better around 4 to 5 days, since its giving value on every topic and also his experience is huge, the timeline increase would be support for it.


Very good


The time was well spend. In the entire training, the talks and actions were all related to Scrum and Sprints. Hopefully SCRUM will change the world. As many are still using it correctly.


Course is good


Helpful and easily relatable with real tome examples. Worth the money and the content


Thanks you so much for your valuable training I really enjoyed it, appreciate that you made it fun and knowledgeable


Awesome learning experience. Thank you so much...


Excellent training session.


Awesome trainer, Thanks Gaurav Rastogi. CSTfor his unique training sessions with lots of hands-on activities & my CSM buddies for this whole upskilling experience


Exceptional thought flow. Gaurav explained content in detail with simple examples. He was thorough with the topics and clarified each and every doubts/questioned raised during the session.


This is new era of IT industry. Content under scrum is enough but not an easy to digest. I would say this should be max. of 2 hrs per day training into multiple sessions.


The two-day course was incredibly educational and interesting. The instructor checked to see if everyone was paying attention. The two-day seminar took place over the course of a weekend and began on time at 8


Explanation is very nice.


The Training program was good and content driven trainer was experienced enough to keep the people engaged and focused lively and happy to be part of this training.


The session was practical and it made the students to understand the topics in a better way.


Went well and good


Great Delivery!


Coach was clear in sharing the content and explaining it in a short manner which made me understand the concept.


Great Leader


Training is awesome


Good training


Useful Happening Easy to learn Simple yet effective


Gaurav provided indept training on Scrum


Very Interactive and informative session with Gaurav Rastogi


Gaurav make the explanation very clear and lively by taking examples from real life...importantly his presentation is well structured from beginning to end.


Clear and crisp!


Product was good but the way it was delivered it made it Excellent


Learn agile and CSM in total with him and have scrum


Overall this course is Great.


Organised, structures & nicely explained


Gaurav taught really well and made us understand by giving practical examples and activities.


Gaurav did lot of practical activities. Great way to learning. Everyone should attend only Classroom training.


Agile methodology is actually mind set and this course explains this clarity perfectly.


The two-day class of Gaurav Rastogi was very informative and engaging. Gaurav made sure everyone was engaged as well. The two-day course started promplty at 8


This product is more for basic understanding of what is scrum and how to be used in the project development phase. The trainer gave lots of information during and training, it was quite interactive too.


It was nice!!


The best tutor


Trainer explained the concept of the course using real life examples as well as a lot of quizzes. This helped us understanding the concept better.




Gaurav was a very good coach and helped us learn scrum by implementing. He solved the concept with real life scenarios and examples.


Gaurav was one of the best trainer I have seen in my life. Course material was also very good. Really Thanks!!


Nice and interactive


Training techniques covered by Gaurav are very effective as it was practically demoed all scrum concepts.




Very helpful course content.


Understood the product


Much needed


Explained very clearly and in simple language


Good Coursework


Very interesting and fun filled learning. All the main topics delivered with very real life examples which you will often recollect even much later after the course. To me, this is the biggest takeaway. Definitely recommended!!!

People Say About Universal Agile

Nick Porwal

Very professional and elaborate courses available for the Agile. I was able to pass the exam after attending the sessions. Each and every concepts were covered beautifully and in very easy to understand language. Real life examples were given throughout the sessions for every single concept. Highly recommended

Jatin Kanwar

Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value. Thoroughly professional in its conduct, fun in its approach and practical working knowledge based in its take aways. Strongly recommended for your certification preparation

Amit Kaul

The Quality, material, communication was all good. Enjoyed every moment of learning with the Trainer. Trainer was well knowledgeable and Professional in delivering the topics with examples. After the session, I feel more comfortable, energetic, confident in working as a Scrum Master . Thanks for all the learning throughout the course

Amit Agrawal

It was really great and helpful for me. The training helped me to improve my scrum understanding . It will definitely help me to improve the mistakes we are doing regularly in the scrum in our organization. Thank you so much Gaurav for the sharing the detailed information about the scrum
Certified Scrum Master Course, Professional Scrum Certification

History and evolution of Scrum
Enterprises, both IT and Non-IT, have gone through a transformation in the past around the ways of working. Which began as a way of interaction in a collaborative environment and later turned into an industry-wide circumstance. The historical backdrop of Scrum has a great deal to unfurl about the beginning, advancement, and reformative improvement of the structure. Today, Scrum is a commonly recognized framework to a great extent in the developed corporate world as well as in day to day life.

A short synopsis of the history of Scrum
If you look back at the history of the scrum you will see Jeff Sutherland and John Scumniotales, and Jeff McKenna was the first to implement the scrum process in 1993. At Easel cooperation in 1993, Jeff and his team thought that there is a need to develop a new process for software development, and this way they created the Scrum process.

In 1995, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber officially presented the scrum development process on papers in OOPSLA (Object-oriented programming, system, language, and Application) Conference 1995, Austin ( Texas).In Harvard Business Review (HRB) article titled “The new product development game” by Hirotaka Takeuchi & Ikujiro Nonaka is the first known encrypted sign of the scrum process. Jeff and his team created the scrum process with the help of that article only. They combine the HRB article of 1986 with various concepts like empirical process control, iterative development, object-oriented development, and the development of dynamic and complex systems. The scrum framework is a very flexible way of working that should be involved in software development. Scrum is divided into various time-box which are known as sprints. Generally, each sprint is a time-box of 4 weeks or leass and after that, the results are taken into consideration by the scrum team, the outcomes are adapted if necessary, changes are made with the collaborative opinion.

In 2001, Schwaber, Sutherland, and their 15 associates launched an Agile manifesto. This manifesto later turned into a mentor or into a guide for the software engineers to develop the highest quality software products. Since that time so many implementations are being made by Schwaber and his team to adapt the very efficient methodology and scrum teams achieving their goals.

In 2002, An organization was formed which is known as Scrum Alliance. Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certificate is given by this organization after passing their test.

Let’s start our journey

It gives us a great honour and we consider it our privilege to be your guide on your Agile journey. The two days course of Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®) is the start of our relationship. Come, explore the world of Agile and start a journey of discovering your true potential.

Scrum Master, Scrum Master Certification, Professional Scrum Certification
Role of Certified Scrum Master

What Does a Certified Scrum Master Do?

Role of a Certified Scrum Master

As a Certified Scrum Master, you will have underneath jobs and obligations to:

  • Go about as a team promoter of Scrum inside the organization
  • Work together with the client, get their feedback and incremental value
  • To make sure that the team follows Scrum its values principles and accountabilities
  •  Mentor the team on Scrum and take them through the change
  • Set up a conducive environment where the team can be productive, positive and effective
  •  Discover strategies and teach them to successfully deal with the Product backlog
  • Help the Development Team to make high-esteem products
  • To make sure that objectives are perceived by everybody in the Scrum Team
  • Work on Scrum events at whatever point required
  • Mentor the Development Team in self-association and cross-usefulness
  • Expulsion of task obstructions that lift team usefulness and execution
  •  Ensure a decent connection between the team, the product owner, and other people who are outside the group

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