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1. Product Owner comes with an Objective in Mind
2. Eliminates other meetings, highlights and promotes quick decision making
3. Product Owner presents Progress towards the Product Goal
4. An Opportunity for the Scrum Team to Inspect itself with regards to Individuals, Interactions, Quality, process and tools
5. If others are present, the Scrum Master ensures that they do not disrupt the meeting
6. Key challenges are presented by the Scrum Team to the Stakeholders
7. The Scrum Team plans ways to increase product Quality by improving work Process or adapting the definition of done
8. This Meeting helps Developers to Improve collaboration, Knowledge, and Accountability towards the Sprint Backlog
9. The PO explains what PB items have been “Done“ and what has not been “Done”
10. SM ensures that the Meeting is positive by setting the stage
11. Product Owner comes with a Tentative List
12. Optimizes the probability that the Developers will meet the Sprint Goal
13. Product Owner and Developers do the interactions and Scrum Master Facilitates to decide WHAT, WHO, WHEN & HOW
14. Developers provide a "Hands On" or a "Demo" of the Increment and Stakeholders Provide Feedback
15. SM Facilitates this meeting by engaging everyone in Gathering, Filtering, and Generating Insights on Improvements
16. Developers or team members often meet immediately after this event for detailed discussions or to adapt, or replan the rest of the Sprint
17. Review of likely target and delivery dates, how the marketplace or potential use of the product might have changed, what is the most valuable thing to do next is done
18. Scrum Team decides the Final List of work to be taken in the Sprint
19. SM ensures that the meeting is resulting in Action items for Key Improvements and Follow up mechanism is agreed within the team
20. The Scrum Team Crafts a Goal
Sprint Planning
Daily Scrum
Sprint Review
Sprint Retrospective